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Our favorite Roerich websites around the world:


The Roerich Museum New York: http://www.roerich.org/
This museum has the greatest Roerich collection of art in the Western world. Its website provides the most complete on-line documentation of Nicholas Roerichs life and work, as well as the Roerich family legacy.
The International Roerich Memorial Trust: http://www.roerichtrust.org/
Nicholas lived out the last years of his life in the Himalayas near the village of Naggar, a village in the mountains overlooking the mythic Kullu Valley, India. The house was later converted into a museum, and acts as the center for the Memorial Trust.
The Nicholas Roerich Museum,Moscow: http://www.icr.su/eng/museum/
Although Nicholas Roerich lived much of his life outside of Russia (he left in 1915, and only visited once thereafter, in 1925, en route to Mongolia), he is perhaps the most popular man of the 20th century in the minds of Russians today. His son Svetoslav, however, who lived in India until his death in 1993, visited several times beginning in the 1950s, and donated many paintings and other works that had belonged to his father. These form the basis of the museums collection.
The website provides a simple yet elegant portal to the works not only of Nicholas Roerich, but also of his two sons, George and Svetoslav.
The Roerich Virtual Museum: http://www.roerich.ru
A wonderful window on the Roerich paintings. One just clicks and falls into them.
The Nicholas Roerich Estate Museum in Izvara: http://www.roerich-izvara.ru/eng/info.htm
The home of Nicholas Roerich in Izvara, near St Petersburg, was converted into a museum in 1984.
The Roerich Center in St Petersburg, Russia: http://www.roerich-museum.org/MUSEUM/Base/Engl/history_e.html
The site emphasizes the St Petersburg stage of Nicholas Roerichs life.
A general chronology of Nicholas K. Roerich
This site, compiled by Stephen V. O'Rourke for Pop Culturez, gives a general timeline on the life and accomplishments of Nicholas and Helena Roerich, and their two sons George and Svetoslav.
The Nicholas Roerich biography on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicholas_Roerich
An easy introductory read on the life and accomplishments of Nicholas Roerich.
Roerich Museum of Spain - Museo Roerich España:
Our friends in Spain , who promote awareness of all things Roerich throughout the Spanish-speaking world.