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Message from Prof. Bira, President of the Roerich Society of Mongolia
My greetings from Mongolia.

Please let me introduce myself and our Roerich Mongolia Project. My name is Prof. Bira, and I am the head of the Roerich Society of Mongolia. I am also the only remaining student of George Roerich, the eldest son of the famous painter and social philosopher Nicolas Roerich, whose Pax Cultura won him a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1929. He created almost 7,000 works of art during his lifetime, and most places where he lived and worked have been preserved as historical sites. His eldest son George, who studied in America, was my tutor from 1957 until his untimely death in 1960.

Both Nicholas and George Roerich, father and son, were great Mongolists who left significant heritages in Mongol studies. Their popularity with Mongolia has endured, and they are both very much loved and admired even today.
Some years ago, after the Soviet Empire fell and democracy came to our country, I happened to discover that the Roerich residence here in Ulaanbaatar had not been destroyed during the Communist years, but that it was slated for demolition. Nicholas and his wife Helena, together with their eldest son George, had lived and worked there in 1926 and 1927.
I immediately launched an effort to save the house and have it designated as an historical site. Eventually I managed to convince the Ulaanbaatar government to officially give the property to our Roerich Society of Mongolia. It had been abandoned for a number of years, and therefore was in rough condition, but nonetheless remained of great historical importance.
Now we have to raise funds to restore it and convert it into a working museum, something to honor the Roerich contribution and also to continue the spirit of his work. The restoration is our first step. After this is completed, we hope to create an adjacent building to maintain the Roerich legacy as a living tradition, with a lecture hall, and with spaces for a Buddhist art gallery, seminars, research, meditation, and so forth.
The Roerich Society of Mongolia is a branch of our Association of Mongolian Studies, that I established some years earlier. We plan to incorporate the Tibeto-Mongolian interests of the Roerichs in our centers activities, for these were at the very heart of their passionate enterprises.
The Buddhist teacher and author Glenn Mullin has graciously agreed to help with fundraising for the project, and also to serve in an advisory capacity to the ongoing work. Also Mr. Daniel Entin, director of the Roerich Museum in New York, has kindly agreed to accept contributions in America on our behalf, so American donors can receive maximum tax benefits. These are our auspicious conditions. Interested peoples from other countries can approach us directly for advice on making tax-deductible donations.
If you feel a connection with Nicholas Roerich, his works and his visions, and have a sense of the importance of Mongolia to Nicholas Roerichs Song of Shambala, please contact us: roerichmongolia@gmail.com
The email address for our International Association of Mongol Studies, of which the Roerich Society of Mongolia is a branch, is iams@magicnet.mn
Thank you for your time and attention. Perhaps together we can make a contribution to Nicholas Roerichs dream of Pax Cultura.
Prof Bira,
Mongolian Academician,
Academy of Science,
President of the Roerich Society of Mongolia,
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Dec 11, 2008