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Nicholas Roerich in Mongolia
Nicholas Roerich associated Mongolia with the legendary land of Shambhala, the heart of the Kalachakra Tantra taught by the Buddha. While in Ulaanbaatar in 1926-27 he gifted one of his many Shambhala paintings to the Mongolian Prime Minister, Tserendorj. The painting can be seen today in the Zanabazar National Fine Arts Museum. Because the Soviet Communists had recently changed the name of the Mongolian capital from Urga to Ulaanbaatar, or “Red Hero,” Nicholas Roerich referred to the painting as “Our Buddhist Red Hero” when he offered it to the PM.
George Roerich and Prof. Bira in Ganden Monastery, Ulaanbaatar, 1958
The painting became lost during the hard Stalinist years of the “cultural purges.” It was discovered after George Roerich’s visit to Mongolia with Bira in 1958. Many years later Prof Bira opened the frame, and on the back of the canvas discovered the name Nicholas Roerich’s son George had written in Tibetan script: “The Shambhala King Rigden Drakpo.” (We plan to do a YouTube video with Bira on this fascinating story.) As revealed by George Roerich’s inscription, Nicholas Roerich’s “Red Hero” was in fact the 25th Shambhala king, who is prophesied to come in the future from one of the Mongol lands, save the world from darkness, and usher in a thousand years of enlightenment civilization.
In this section of our website we are building a small database of writings by or about the Roerichs and their work in the various Mongol regions. Anyone having anything they would like to see on this database can drop us a line and bring it to our attention.
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